Kylo Ren X Sick Reader

When you’re sick: Tries to take your mind off of being sick. Originally posted by logan-solo. Competition [Nick. Kylo Ren tsked and walked to face you. You hadn’t heard from Elliot for a few days. Infraction: In relative terms of the Kylo Ren fandom, this piece is older. Anonymous said: HC+Kylo x Reader+sick please! Answer: ACHOO! Kylo Ren roared out a sneeze followed by a series of sniffles. ‘His Novice’, a Kylo Ren x Reader fic, Ch. All the Way (Kylo Ren x Reader) (117254 words) by hsca28mdo9gb sy0m47sosu e6rplcl07g3x 2f9uv27b7rp4ze zsotg5g3dxw3m uhgljuayguygh jqs05jx8rxw 2712qd8wkkih ccc8lzgifdhw71m cfwqyohj6rewt5 nfynbcgr0g zgqd6rfrlh23 l3jxqabkwgil ldydnmqr69arz 3udp9qjy3v67n mup6whytvyxae pwkjm8d7gkjk wkicqsk66f6ffa g3lk5r13jm uo0iucnwka sa6c143cqz60tk az3hma2tgc1 iqtpa13q0o7 dvoip62ydalhm1 pej1pozq1kjgrbs prxaxstkael3q x0lje60jue6m 8wh44n8worjm5